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Serum - besides these hair-like arteries which proceed from the surface into the brain substance, there is a set of nourishing arteries which pass more directly into tlie basal ganglia, and are of much larger size. Upon demand of the play police or a prospective recipient of her favors, the girl is bound to produce her card for inspection.

Its only point of advantage lies in its small size, permitting of easy application to the various cavities of the body where the stronger, but more cumbersome, X-ray apparatus is used with In comparing the dosage of radium with the Roentgen rays, it occurs to us that the various radio-active grades can not be likened to the different vacua of the Crookes tubes, but rather to the intensity of the energizing power that would be like a standard vacuum X-ray tube; actuated by a six-inch coil with storage battery and mechanical interrupter, an exposure of fifteen to twenty similar to a powerful coil twelve inches or over, using a anti-aging Wehnelt or turbine interrupter, employing the same standard vacuum tube referred to. We would ask the author "review" to remember, if he comes to prepare a new edition, that it is just possible that his readers may not be so well versed in literature as he seems to take for granted. On this account we think it better, on grounds of precision and clearness, to discard the word cancer and use in its stead the name of the specific form of malignant contour disease under consideration, e. We are not concerned here to consider whether a little more duo courage and foresight on the part of those who should have been with him would have prevented this calamity, but we may point to this failure to remove a case of infectious disease from a London district as demonstrating the need for an early settlement of tlie relation of the Metropolitan Asylums Board to sanitai-y administration in London. For this purpose various agents have been used, luna such as menthol, iodoform, our knowledge of the value of lactic acid in these cases. The number of rich lunatics had not increased, though the proportion of buy well-oft people had enormously increased in this country.


It occurred to him that the preservation latisse of the theory of an equal minimum fee for all men of all ages and all degrees of it would be to preserve the other methods and appendages of the physicians of the preceding centuries. It contains forty-six paragraphs, bella of which sixteen are devoted to precautionary measures.

We are interested to note the attitude of the Government towards the question of private legislation bearing on sanitary matters: effaclar. The tongue was cut entirely off at the junction of the tip with the base, or the posterior portion of the frasnum hnguse, with the exception of a few fibres of the tongue and mucous membrane on the right arden side. They ought, I repeat, h3 by this time to be so many that the most sceptical could not fail to become a believer. Plus - the practical applications of Preventive Medicine are not always easy.

Nature has accomplished a miracle which human ingenuity, lift with all its boasted progress, has failed to imitate. It does not attack the African negro, and if some cases of Africans having black vomit are spoken of, I do not think they had yellow fever, black vomit alone not constituting this disease, since we have seen, that intermittent pernicious and grave bilious fevers may present this symptom: reviews. Butlin said he believed that recurrence was care very rare. Drummond, of Soutli Shields, for the opportunity of and doing my first case, as he was patient with the following history. In elizabeth his own three cases there were intervals of twelve, fourteen, and forty-four days respectively. Fallen was medical director of medical prevage suppUes for the Confederate armies. Arrest of the emunctory function of any one of these organs is at once followed by toxic symptoms; the severity of the intoxication varies with the completeness of the suspension of function: skin. Year by year, month by eye month, and day by day progress is being made along these lines. If listening to the chest is practised, a rubbing sound can be heard, and sometimes a very the affected part will be noticed to tremble or quiver; this lasts but a derma short time, and is succeeded by diminished motion.