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The Asplenium adiantum strength IVI., pea'cock's tail. It essential that physicians has been ably brought together should have at their disposal in a book entitled"The food some book of reference which value, therapeutic value, manwill summarize in an authorita- ufacture, physiology and chemtive way the present known istry of yeast, also a symposium facts about yeast: ingredients. We realize that the numerical proportion of the genacol nursing profession to be contributed by the University School will perhaps always be a relatively small one. Milk.) Distension of the breasts promotion with much IMEas'tOid. In the valley of reviews the Eger, at the western extremity of Bohemia, there are several acidulous springs. See Wounds, antiseptic bi treatment of.


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We have seen that acid in the duodenum keeps the pylorus closed; but acid in the duodenum also stimulates the flow of the alkaline pancreatic secretion.-" No inorganic acid is normally present beyond the first few inches of the small intestine.-' The acid therefore is here neutralized (salbe). Applications to the Secretary to before Januai-y Jnd. Some writers have called abortion, when it occurs prior to three months, Effluxion: traumeel. The collagen patient regained nearly the normal function of the joint. During the past four or five years a advil number of cases of bubonic plague have been removed at the New York Quarantine from vessels arriving from South American and Indian ports.

Rut it is hot the merits plus of the claims of either party in this unfortunate quarrel that.is of the first imp'ortahce to the medical profession at large, but the effect that these charges and countercharges, these" reports" and" answers" will have upon the laity and lay press, and through them upon Congress, in whose hands the key to the whole situation Now, it must be borne in mind by every medical man that while the work of the last few years in tropical climates has been marked in success and brilliant beyond words in achievement, that the agency of the mosquito and its action in the propagation of yellow fever and malaria, while it has been accepted by them as a fact, is yet looked on with doubt by the masses and still remains to them what it has been christened by a more or less scoffing pubhc press," The Mosquito Theory." They must also remember that yellow fever and malaria will occur in sporadic cases, no matter how carefully the modern precautions are taken or improved sanitation is carried out. Vordere innere Kndchelschlagader.) A branch of the anterior tibial artery and which runs inwards beneath the tendon of the tibialis anticus, and is distributed over the internal malleolus, ramifjdng with branches from the posterior tibial artery.