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CHRONIC together GASTRITIS; EROSIONS OF THE STOMACH. Thus the natural contraction of the fibro-elastic structure of the lungs comes into play unbalanced and collapse of one or more take lobules results, with or without subsequent inflammation.

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Unfortunately, however, our means of exciting the can kidneys are not very powerful, and are at all times uncertain in their effect; and, which is still worse, they are most apt to fail in those very cases which most require their use; namely, in dropsies. Wound naproxen closed Bassini method with large cigarette drain down to line of closure of mesentery." Patient after operation was put in moderate Fowler's position and given rectal feedings every five hours standing. At the cardiac end of the stomach, the gastric glands appear as short tubes, at the base of the follicles mentioned above; they, however, rapidly increase in length, and over mg the middle portion of the stomach constitute the greater part of the tubule.

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